Welcome to the BISA Foreign Policy Working Group. The group brings together academics and practitioners to analyse how foreign policies are devised, implemented, and interpreted. It incorporates insights from literature on decisionmaking, social psychology, security studies, economics, history, public policy and development studies and celebrates methodological pluralism. Many group members have a strong interest in British foreign and defence policy but contributions from comparative foreign policy scholars, analysts of other national foreign policies, and theorists interested in foreign policy analysis more broadly are most welcome.

NB: this group is designed to explore non-US foreign policy. Whilst we are keen to explore collaborative projects, scholars working on US foreign policy should join the BISA US foreign policy working group in the first instance.

What we do

  • Run workshops and seminars
  • Arrange meetings and panels at relevant conferences such as BISA and ISA
  • Bring together academics and practitioners to discuss foreign policy theory and practice.
  • Provide a focal point for research in the field of foreign policy analysis, distributing information about events, publications and developments.